Inspiration Sources

“What the poet is looking for
is not the fundamental I
but the deep you.”

 Antonio Machado  – Quoted in “News of the Universe –
Poems of Twofold Consciousness” – Robert Bly

The Inspiration for “Rhythms and Rituals”

Inspiration came basically out of a magnificent hike in the Sandia Mountains, east of Albuquerque. The sunset against the silhouettes of the western mountains was a timeless image. I was coming down from the mountain feeling the dusk in the silence of the changing light. I stopped and sat on a large rock, listening as the different animals emerged in the enveloping darkness. I reflected to myself that there was a rhythm and pattern to their emergence, timed by the sunset and perhaps other unknown factors.

I watched in awe as slowly in the city below the lights began coming on in the darkness. What a beautiful vista for me to witness here on this mountain trail. Tonight, I was a guest.

From CD – “Songs of Planet Blue” – Richard Evan MacKay

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