A Personal Catharsis-Poem

Beside Still Water

Pond Edge

Shimmering, rippling pond surface
mirror of reflections
encircling trees on edge –

Suddenly breeze gently spreads
a yellow-green mist of pollen
across the water’s surface –

“Remain present here,”
says a voice inside.

Feeling at one, at peace,
Letting go of stresses and worries
Dragged down here
to pond’s edge.

Feeling sense of renewal,
Seeing new hope –

Valuing My Inner Wisdom as a Writer

Seeing with the Eyes of Wisdom:  My inner voice of wisdom says to me:

“What I see out there in others, may be something I have to pay attention to in myself.”

“Each of us as a human being has a Sacred Flaw – See the beauty in your flaw.”

So, I ask myself: “Where is my sacred flaw?”  (Flaw= a fixed point of vulnerability)

  • Open to your flaw
  • Embrace your flaw with graciousness
  • “Perfectionism is the enemy of results.”
  • See your problem as an opportunity

John O’Donohue, “Beauty”



On Telling Our Story

“A human life is the most complex narrative of all; it has many layers of event which embrace outside behavior and actions, the inner stream of the mind, the underworld of the unconscious, the soul, fantasy, dream and imagination.  There is no account of a life which can ever mirror or tell all of this. When telling her story all a person can offer is a sample of this complexity.  The best stories suggest what they cannot name or describe.  They deepen respect for the mystery of events through which identity unfolds.  Consequently, respect for oneself should mean that if one wants to tell one’s story, it should be worthy of telling.”

John O’Donohue, “Beauty – Rediscovering the True sources of Compassion, Serenity, and Hope”