Silent Desert Vista


Mountains in autumn
pushed up from time before time

Splashes of green
on ascending rising uneven peaks
of browns and black and sand

Jagged blue sky placed above
as if in a set –

Truck goes jogging, puttering by
on road behind,
forged red steel with painted
blue & white driver

Cascading wave-like sound –
Another car passing
in the opposite direction

“I should be content to look at a mountain for what it is
and not as a comment on my life.” – David Ignatow

When Time is Song

Time is a song
that’s flowing in rhythm;
It’s like a river
and always changing –

Time is our heartbeats;
It’s our love for each other;
The planet in darkness,
and the planet awakening –

Chorus: Experience of oneness
and planet as whole
looms on horizon
when time is song –

And this time flowing
within and around us;
Time’s like a song
where we all dance along –

This world’s inner rhythms,
changing like heartbeats,
making the wholeness,
connecting each one –

What words or images do you like about this song?

I’d like your comment.

The Garden

Small Purple Flowers2

What is the garden saying to my soul?

Come and bathe in the color-sea.

The reds, the whites, violets: a mosaic,

a panorama, a journey for the Soul –

A symphony of color

amongst the grand healing tones of green

Experience in the stillness

the flower’s vibrations.

Be open now to those sounds in the silence

out of which comes all the languages –

Open now to this experience of the Heart.

Photo by Joanne Savoie

“Poetry sees you through those difficult times, helps you regulate your emotions in a way that nothing else can; it restores order in the midst of chaos.”

– From “Why We Write Poetry” -Anna DiMartino

What is the feeling that this poem gives you?

I the Poet

Larkin Creek 1

I am not an ad for me,
I am just me,
for better or for worse.
You don’t have to like me –
that’s my job.

Hiding for me
isn’t an authentic way,
although sometimes helpful

I am the poet,
evolving and unfolding,
expressing my skill
and taking this journey
of my life.

I love the feel of writing –
I write in a
flowing cursive manner
where thoughts and feelings
and words come easily

I the poet want
to deepen this
often fragile link
of language between us,
between the conscious me
and my deeper self

This is my commitment.
For tonight –
I hope I have made
a step on this journey.

What do you think is the role of the poet?  If you are a writer or a poet, why do you write?

Why do I Write?

I love to write and want to share it. I’ve read a few pieces by other blog writers, some with which I have resonated, so I want to express why I write. I have of course been inspired and instructed by many well-known writers. Two of the most notable influences have been Natalie Goldberg’s “Old Friend from Far Away – the practice of memoir writing”; and for poetry, Robert Bly’s “News of the Universe – poems of twofold consciousness”. Of course there have been many more influences on my writing and composing.

I write often in a journal, and then write memoir and poetry pieces. I find basically for me that my writing nourishes my soul, my being. It may seem strange to some that I most often write in a cursive way, and then type it out later. That seems to work best creatively and expressively for me. My creative feelings and thoughts seem to flow best that way. I have studied how to write other genre and have read a variety of other things, but I prefer sharing poetry and some memoir writings. In truth, my writing is basically selfish- I’m discovering in a solitary manner, insights about myself, others, life, ultimate reality, and spirit. I don’t define life exclusively because it seems always to be evolving, expanding out of any mental frame I give it. I am just another wise man around the proverbial elephant, trying to fathom Ultimate Reality. Life is a Great Mystery, and I’m very grateful to be on the journey and using my talents, hoping to make a difference for a few others. That’s how I can use my life and death on this planet.

I guess I’ve stated enough. I’m joyful that I have the wherewithal in our tumultuous world full of inhumanity and suffering for many, but also full of much love and caring. I would hope that my writing would make some small difference in the larger picture, but that may be an unreachable goal. I have collaborated with those who care and have that same hope for a peaceful world that works for all.

I just write in my journal and share some of it. To restate, I write to express and nourish my heart and soul, my being, and I hope that it makes a difference for others in this world. You’ll have to forgive or tolerate my inner poet’s tendency toward incremental repetition, like a song or a poem, verging for some on redundancy I suppose.

What are your aspirations as a writer?  Why do you write?

  What do you read most?

Inspirations of the Muse

In a sense, all of my poems are a declaration of the spirit I feel inside my life, something I want to share and show others this poetic doorway. These are my linguistic craft. Each of them has a story in itself. My poetic skill has matured over a number of years, beginning, I think, when I read a book on Beat Poetry in the 60’s. I use words to describe, capture, and express my experience at the moment. What’s going on in my experience is much more than just the external reality, although that’s part of the experience. The words help me capture the inner experience and to share it; I use this process to reflect my heart, mind, and spirit. I don’t use the words to take myself out or away from the experience, but to take each experience to a deeper level, and to value and affirm through [my writing], my contemplative mind, the heart of an experience.

That, I think, is what I’m calling the miracle; it’s realizing the fullness of our experience, beyond what our conditioned, egoic mind sees.

I will share more inspirational stories related to particular pieces as I write them.

You are welcome to comment!

Rhythms and Rituals-Song/Poem-1


The colors of evening, now color the sky
Signal of passage to night
and the hills in the distance, silhouette and fire,
sundown’s now radiance of light –

CHORUS: Rhythms and rituals, now, life all around
Sharing our lives with the Earth –

The colors of the city, now, light up the night,
viewing from mountain on high,
The buildings, the people, their daytime jobs done
Merge in the stillness and flow into One –

Passage of time/ now/ feelings inside
Forever flowing within,
Expansion of ecstasy/ now/ moments in time
Great Mystery in all our lives –

We’re coming together, now, evening’s embrace
sharing our feelings, our day –
It’s a game – it’s a dance – it’s a sharing of time –
it’s a rhyming, a ritual, and it’s yours and it’s mine

CHORUS: These rhythms and rituals, now, all in our lives,
Sharing our life with each other –

Time is now bending, journey of dream
Voyage to distance of stars
Wonder of universe – Earth rising up,
brightens the view from afar

  Does the poem speak to you?  What images or words stand out in this poem for you?