A Love Letter


As this new day dawns in our world, this is my voice.

Love Letter to Family and Sacred Friends,

I know, you know we have all done stuff to separate or alienate ourselves from our primary family or maybe friends and partners. We all live in a time of ‘disintegrating structures” socially and also on an individual level. We live in a colossally different universe and reality in many, many ways from those who have come before. I have no doubt that this occurrence is heaven sent, and there are different ways to contemplate and act in this reality. The future is a “work in progress” is truer today more than ever in our world.

In this time of radical divisions, politically and otherwise, it is my belief from the Christian tradition that radical reconciliation and forgiveness are needed by all.

May we all communicate and act in accordance with our higher power. This is something we can express to each other, and this is something that could show the world the highest value of the American social system.

Love and Blessings to All,


Symphony of Life


Life is a symphony of the senses.
When did you forget
to see, to feel the next wave
on the water,
to feel the wind swaying
the trees, blowing through your hair
or to take to the path
in the forest,
to watch a bird enjoying
the skyway or circling above?

Is your life limited
to a mechanical enclosure,
cordoned off from outside
and dedicated only
to reasons of economy?

Life, however, even here
in this enclosure
real or imagined
plays it’s symphony to you
if you are experiencing
the timbre and rhythms
of the sounds,
the shades of colors,
the poetry beyond noise of words,
the dance of the wind.

The symphony is playing –
Be present and listen
in gratitude.

“The Christian Church, in its Augustinian emphasis on the evil of nature, from which human consciousness should out of sheer common sense hold itself aloof, contributed to the gap Western human beings feel between themselves and the universe.”

-Robert Bly – News of the Universe – Poems of twofold consciousness


This is a touching account of work of compassion for this village in Nepal. Most of the world does not live as we live in America. Help if you can to all.

Lynnie Bedi (nee Saint-James)

If you are a WordPress blogger, please re-blog this post. If you do, you might improve the lives of some needy Nepalese people.

Kuldip and I have just farewelled my nephew, Steve, after a 5-day visit. We packed a lot in over that time, including an introduction to ‘our’ Chandigarh. We also took him to Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple, the place of pilgrimage for Sikhs the world over. The changing of the guard ceremony at the Indian/Pakistani border, 30 kilometres from Amritsar, was also on the itinerary.

Steve was trekking in Nepal when the earthquake stuck a little over 12-months ago, and although he was booked to fly home to Australia shortly after that, he stayed on for a month to help with the clean up. Over that time, he arranged A$6,000 of aid including food, blankets, mattresses and tarpaulins to the needy. It was the beginning of…

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Childhood Speculations on the Universe

Starry Night

The universe is like a doughnut,
the stars are in the wrinkles,
and they look like little sprinkles –

Or is the universe more like a muffin,
where all the energy looks like nothin’?
But when I look above
I see the universe is made of love –

Don’t we all live in the Universe at every moment?

Crafting My Blog

Here, I want to explicate what I hope to express and craft with my blog.  This is my blog credo and roadmap of sorts, and I will see how it unfolds and evolves, as I saw my poetry book evolve with my creative work.  At this point in time, this is a definitive essay on crafting my blog.

In my poetry, I have wanted to express the oneness I feel in my life.  Simply put, I suppose I would say the articulating of my relationship in life to Spirit, Ultimate Reality, the Universe, or God.  I stated this in my poetry book: “[I am inspired by] the spirit of oneness in my experience. The connection between different facets of my experience such as visual colors, harmonies, nature, and language. Spirituality is sensing my world as both evident and mysterious and putting that into my poetry.”

I recall a TV program called The Naked City – There was a story about a person in one episode and the narrator talked about this person: who lived in a neighborhood in New York City. In the story that was told, this person never ventured out of his neighborhood, ever.”  He lived in New York City and yet he only knew a very small part in this huge multifaceted place called New York City.  I don’t want my blog to be like this, I want to venture out courageously into my life experience, into my creativity.  I want to venture into both charted and personally uncharted waters.

I want this blog to be inclusive of my creative pursuits.  A blog is for me about not only tangible stories but also exploring some more intangible areas.  It may include stories about me, I don’t know, but it will include much more.  What is this “much more”?  I can’t specifically define it – the “much more” is my imagination, my poetry, and other creative endeavors, including song composing, art, photos and perhaps more.  These are my creative contributions, hopefully to give insight and uplift other creative people.

The blog is also like life itself a creative work on its own – “a work in progress”.  Additionally perhaps, I’d like to explore some analysis of my journey of writing, composing, drawing, or painting something.  What in my life sparked that image or idea?   How did I create it then?  What do I have on my expressive palette to create my blog posts?  I’d like to suggest the analogy that a life, my life, is little like a book, it has a, a prologue, a beginning, middle, and a completion or epilogue.  There are chapters, adventures, and phases along the way in any particular life, showing growth, digression, or a little of both; a life lived is full of stories, poems, music, pictures about that journey, that is what I believe.

So, for me I want this blog to elucidate the facets of my creative muse, my creative spirit, exploring and expressing for myself and others.  It has to do with images and ideas of reality and imagination, putting together a more comprehensive outlook for myself, illuminating my intimacy with life itself.  Such is my muse’s credo and creative roadmap at this point in time.