resonnaceRemembering my Inner Shaman

The resonance of trees
sensual feeling of the breeze
a time frame slower than
my senses can perceive

There’s this unseen hum, now
near my inner ear
something I can hardly sense,
it seems so distinct and clear

All around these miracles
beyond the limits of my senses
as I try to know the sense of it
within my own so small lens –

but this resonance of trees today
inviting me to share,
to take my animated presence
where the trees cannot dare

To feel within this resonance
1,000 images passing me by

So, I set the metronome
so very very low.
this resonance and
so slow drum beat,
so much lower
than I know

Is it real?
Ask the trees
if this is so –

This resonance of trees
as I walk now with the breeze
in this time frame slower than
my senses can perceive

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On the Fringe

2-Strawberry Moon


living on the fringe
while animals and plants die
stewardship dies too

I’m a person of questions, and wish I had
some solutions other than what I have.
Where is our collective ethos getting us, these days?



Stranger in Doorway

For a Sunrise Child

Who are you child?
Who do you follow?
What do you know?
You’re not on drugs, are you?
What’s your anxiety?

I know it seems
nobody’s doing anything
to love your world,
the environment,
the constant devaluing,
the Twitterisms,
the compulsive materialism.

It seems all around.
There’s no coherence,
it seems.

There’s this feeling
of detachment,
of so much suffering,
of abandonment
local or worldwide.

Nurture your mind,
Nurture your heart,
Nurture your soul.
and I Love You.



Earth in Space3

I pledge allegiance to the Earth
And all its sacred parts,
Its water, land, and living things
And all its human hearts.

I pledge allegiance to all life
And promise I shall care
To love and share all its gifts
With people everywhere.




The plaque explained that Van Gogh would go daily and sit by a fountain in the middle of town, his Thoughtful Spot, to sketch people as they walked by.

I looked back at his paintings around the room with new appreciation. He had the ability to paint like Rembrandt, but that was not the art that poured from his soul.

Each day he sat in his Thoughtful Spot watching people, sketched hands, and dreamed. Then he returned to his studio and chose to fill the canvas with extravagant beauty.

All writers need a Thoughtful Spot to sit, ponder, and soak in the world around us. Where’s yours?



Small Purple Flowers2

Someone I cared for

gone now away

colors my day

when I feel this way.


Somebody I knew,

together we walked,

together we grew (old)

together we talked.

Now, there’s this pain

I won’t see her again.

Thinking today,

She’s gone, now, away.

Feeling her faults

was easy to do,

yet I saw her good

and my heart understood.

Where did she go?

Someone may know,

(God only knows)

but she’s not here

except in my heart.

Here in my heart.


Earthday Reusables

Frenchs Test


What if somebody
opened a market called
and people brought in
different crafted items
from their everyday throwaways.

They could say,
“I made one small step
for the environment,
and created
something practical, and
something of beauty.”



Hawk in flight

[“We’re thinking of a war on _______.”]

-My Spirit Guide-

See the hawk
not apart from me,
my consciousness,
Seeing the greater
terrain I’m a part of.

Isn’t war seeing
others as objects, things,
rather than beings?

Things without life
of their own
to be manipulated.

Beings on the other hand
have love, life,
and maybe differences,
which may be other
than your own.


*** The Hawk represents a messenger in the Native American culture. It often shows up in our life when we need to pay attention to the subtle messages found around us, and from those we come into contact with.





Pronunciation: ing +st

“Our challenge is to create a new language, even a new sense of what it is to be human. It is to transcend not only national limitations, but even our species isolation, to enter into the larger community of living species. This brings about a completely new sense of reality and value.” (Thomas Berry, “The Ecological Age,” in The Dream of the Earth, 42).

MY NOTES: From what I’m hearing way too much in the world news today are struggles of one kind or another. There is a lot of ANGST in the world at large rather than what I’d term “INGST”, which I’m defining as a person’s conscious ability to empower their own life possibilities and challenges in some way.

I’m creating a new word here. We have to create, I think, new language vocabulary to come to terms with reality in our world today. You can add this word to your liv-ing vocabulary.

Maybe, we often see or feel ourselves or others as THINGS rather than BE-INGS.

I am open to your feedback on my creativity here.