Symphony of Life


Life is a symphony of the senses.
When did you forget
to see, to feel the next wave
on the water,
to feel the wind swaying
the trees, blowing through your hair
or to take to the path
in the forest,
to watch a bird enjoying
the skyway or circling above?

Is your life limited
to a mechanical enclosure,
cordoned off from outside
and dedicated only
to reasons of economy?

Life, however, even here
in this enclosure
real or imagined
plays it’s symphony to you
if you are experiencing
the timbre and rhythms
of the sounds,
the shades of colors,
the poetry beyond noise of words,
the dance of the wind.

The symphony is playing –
Be present and listen
in gratitude.

“The Christian Church, in its Augustinian emphasis on the evil of nature, from which human consciousness should out of sheer common sense hold itself aloof, contributed to the gap Western human beings feel between themselves and the universe.”

-Robert Bly – News of the Universe – Poems of twofold consciousness

Being a Pathfinder


Being a Pathfinder

I guess you could call my statement here a declaration of intention for my life.

We are all creative beings in some way, form, or fashion. That, for me, is what defines the being in human being. In our time we have been given new, fantastic media to utilize. I chose to be a participant with my creative talents in this available media rather than a couch potato or always just a spectator for someone else’s talents. This is what following my heart and living my dream means to me. I can follow this intention in the area of health, love and relationship, creative work, and whatever else is in my life path. I can be a pathfinder for myself and others.

This is an open dialogue, I welcome your comments. What do you think?  What inspires you to take action in your life?

Home Is Where My Being Is


Oh, you’re a holiday

Oh, you’re a holiday

Now it’s my turn to say

and I say, “You’re a holiday.”

—————— the Bee Gees

Holiday inns and ways
to escape
the core of my being
the life in my days-

There’s dialogue with others
There’s hope midst despair
There’s love in my living
Not getting stuck in repair-

So, I’m singing my song
Painting my poem
There’s love in my living
when I am being home .

From “Heart Spirit – Freeing Our Poetic voice”

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Evening Song


sunset-tableOh the evening sun, it touches down,
coloring all, see day is blest.
Oh, the co-lors flow,
they give my heart this rest –


Oh, these feelings come and go
as the breeze, it whispers low,
and the song it sings
is the song inside my heart.
Oh, the song it sings
is the melody in my soul –

Restless day of needs all done.
Another day, I journey on.
Stop to rest, eve-ning’s song
blends with colors into One –

The colors blending, touch my soul,
painting eve-ning’s feelings whole.
Enchantment of the night
harmony of soul.

“It is one of the tragedies of modern culture that we have
lost touch with these primal thresholds of nature.” –
Anam Cara – A Book of Celtic Wisdom, John O’Donohue

Pond Edge


Shimmering, rippling pond surface
mirror of reflections
encircling trees on edge –

A sudden breeze gently spreads
a yellow-green mist of pollen
across the water’s surface-

“Remain present here,”
says a voice inside –

I enter the silence
at One with the stillness,
of the wind, of the pond –

I am feeling more at peace,
feeling a sense of renewal,
seeing new hope,
letting go of stresses and worries,
baggage dragged down here
to this pond’s edge –

I am at One,
at Peace –

Personal Note: The reconciling of opposites both within and without has been a life journey for me. I say this mindful of being in the midst of a contentious, emotional social, political debate in the USA

How will it be reconciled, I don’t know. I would say, however, that I sense a strong feminine voice and spirit arising, perhaps worldwide. Perhaps that will rescue and nurture where history has brought us. Finding ourselves in present day 21st century reality, the only reasonable alternative, I see, is as many wisdom voices, de Chardin and others, have been counseling us: build a new interior mythos and let go of the prejudices and animosities from the past, and build a new synthesis.

The Garden


What is the garden saying to my soul?

Come and bathe in the color-sea.
The reds, the whites, violets: a mosaic,
a panorama, a journey for the Soul –
A symphony of color
amongst the grand healing tones of green.

Experience in the stillness
the flower’s vibrations.
Be open now to those sounds in the silence
out of which comes all the languages –
Open now to this experience of the Heart.

“The seat of the soul is where
the inner world and the outer world meet.

Where they overlap, it is in every point of the overlap.”

Novalis – translated by Charles E. Passage

Art, How I See It

This is a heartful, beautiful, and profound statement about art in the broadest, most courageous sense.

Artsy Teen

Hi, everyone! My name’s Elm, and I blog over at Just Call me Elm or Something. I’m collaborating with the lovely Maya, which honestly makes my day!

Before anything, I want to tell you what I can see – or rather, what I can’t see. Far be it for me to define myself by this, but I’m blind. I can see nothing out of my right eye, and only light, contrasts and a few shapes out of my left. I couldn’t see faces, beautiful landscapes or anything of the sort. I despise getting pity for it; I’ve always been blind and have never seen anything different from what I do now, and so I view it as normal. To set the scene, I needed to tell you, so that you understand.

Because of my lack of vision, it may be surprising to you that art is actually quite important…

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