The Garden


What is the garden saying to my soul?

Come and bathe in the color-sea.
The reds, the whites, violets: a mosaic,
a panorama, a journey for the Soul –
A symphony of color
amongst the grand healing tones of green.

Experience in the stillness
the flower’s vibrations.
Be open now to those sounds in the silence
out of which comes all the languages –
Open now to this experience of the Heart.

“The seat of the soul is where
the inner world and the outer world meet.

Where they overlap, it is in every point of the overlap.”

Novalis – translated by Charles E. Passage

Art, How I See It

This is a heartful, beautiful, and profound statement about art in the broadest, most courageous sense.

Artsy Teen

Hi, everyone! My name’s Elm, and I blog over at Just Call me Elm or Something. I’m collaborating with the lovely Maya, which honestly makes my day!

Before anything, I want to tell you what I can see – or rather, what I can’t see. Far be it for me to define myself by this, but I’m blind. I can see nothing out of my right eye, and only light, contrasts and a few shapes out of my left. I couldn’t see faces, beautiful landscapes or anything of the sort. I despise getting pity for it; I’ve always been blind and have never seen anything different from what I do now, and so I view it as normal. To set the scene, I needed to tell you, so that you understand.

Because of my lack of vision, it may be surprising to you that art is actually quite important…

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When Will I Be Loved?

Boy, this a lesson I learned the hard way, but it has made all the difference in my life.

Matrignosis: A Blog About Inner Wisdom

baby-crying-1024x710Late at night a baby cries out in hunger. The exhausted face of its young mother appears over the top of the crib. She thrusts a bottle of cold milk in the baby’s hands and hurries away. Alone, yearning for the softness and warmth of her mother, the baby greedily drinks the milk while a tiny portion of her soul’s light flickers and fades.

A toddler taking his first steps crashes into a table and breaks a lamp.  “Now look what he’s done,” his father shouts at his mother.  “I paid good money for that lamp,” he yells as he storms out of the room. The confused child sees the hurt and fear in his mother’s eyes and begins to wail.

A third-grader on the playground says to her friend, “Look what I can do!” and executes a dance move she saw on TV.  A sixth-grader nearby rolls her eyes…

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Mountain Lake

A personal experience
in a precious relationship –

A daily experience
in my world of view,
social media, television,
other local media,
and relationships.

Heartbreak –
it’s a violin playing
in the background –
I can’t ignore it.

I can do what I can.
I can drop down
and kiss the earth,
Mother earth, who
I imagine is crying
for our presence.

Or is it just raining?

Planetary Moments – Questions

2-Strawberry Moon

What is this moment worth?

Is here a question,

or a worry,

or a feeling,

or an action you’re taking?

What’s happening

in your mind,

in your heart,

in your relationships,

in your environment,

on your planet?

What’s this moment worth?

How are you spending it?

How am I spending it?

With respects to Eckhart Tolle

When I was Young

Starry Night

When I was young
had the encyclopedia.
Now, as I’m getting old,
we all have social media

So much more info matter
I can read.
So many people media – merized
much more than I can heed

Living in this techno-vision,
are we lost inside?
Are we out of touch
when we have so much?

There’s a world right here
that needs our sharing love;
not our reasons,
and not a shove

From “Poetry in Black and White”