Small Purple Flowers2

Someone I cared for

gone now away

colors my day

when I feel this way.


Somebody I knew,

together we walked,

together we grew (old)

together we talked.

Now, there’s this pain

I won’t see her again.

Thinking today,

She’s gone, now, away.

Feeling her faults

was easy to do,

yet I saw her good

and my heart understood.

Where did she go?

Someone may know,

(God only knows)

but she’s not here

except in my heart.

Here in my heart.


Author: richcreativemuse

I am a writer, poet, composer, and artist. Though I’m a senior, I’ve kept active physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have spent most of my life and resources supporting and empowering others. From living in diverse areas and cultures, I see life with an open heart and mind. I presently live in the Tennessee Valley in Northern Alabama. In my creative works, I would like to make a difference in our attitude toward the planet, seeing from a realistic spiritual viewpoint rather than the prevalent over materialistic emphasis in our society.