Oh That Energy

Music Art2

Oh this energy
that I feel inside of me
Oh, I want to feel
feel this energy.

Feel the river that flows
see the candle that glows
feel the wind that blows
all this energy.

Oh, this sea of energy
is all around me
that I cannot see
Oh, this energy.

Author: richcreativemuse

I am a writer, poet, composer, and artist. Though I’m a senior, I’ve kept active physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have spent most of my life and resources supporting and empowering others. From living in diverse areas and cultures, I see life with an open heart and mind. I presently live in the Tennessee Valley in Northern Alabama. In my creative works, I would like to make a difference in our attitude toward the planet, seeing from a realistic spiritual viewpoint rather than the prevalent over materialistic emphasis in our society.