The “Good Morning” People

park“A Day in the Life”

Walking before 9:00
meeting all the “Good Morning” people,
joggers, walkers, some city workers,
and a bum on a bench.

The wind this morning
is blowing across the water,
creating a soothing ripple effect,
refreshing my senses –
the sun is bright yellow-white radiating.

It feels good to be here.

Yet another person
with a dog
smiles and says, “Good morning.”

We’re in the “real morning”,
the silence, the smiles, and the wind
are singing in harmony.

That’s the feeling
One of tranquility –
No effort.

At 9:00 however,
they all disappear somewhere.

I walk past
an unsmiling, somber man
with dark glasses
wearing a mask.

My dark glasses,
I take out of their case,
but I keep ready
with a smile.

Stories and Memories


Stories of me
and stories of you
Stories of red
and stories of blue
Some a little fictitious,
Some of them all true.

Stories of wisdom
Stories of learning.
Stories of darkness
and stories of yearning.

Times full of Mystery
not knowing what to do.
Stories of me,
and stories of you.

Stories of danger
and stories of risk
Searching our memories
So deep and rich.

Stories with music
where harmony reined
Stories of feeling good
Stories of pain.

Stories of growing
and then of digression.
These are our lives
All wanting expression.

A Love Letter


As this new day dawns in our world, this is my voice.

Love Letter to Family and Sacred Friends,

I know, you know we have all done stuff to separate or alienate ourselves from our primary family or maybe friends and partners. We all live in a time of ‘disintegrating structures” socially and also on an individual level. We live in a colossally different universe and reality in many, many ways from those who have come before. I have no doubt that this occurrence is heaven sent, and there are different ways to contemplate and act in this reality. The future is a “work in progress” is truer today more than ever in our world.

In this time of radical divisions, politically and otherwise, it is my belief from the Christian tradition that radical reconciliation and forgiveness are needed by all.

May we all communicate and act in accordance with our higher power. This is something we can express to each other, and this is something that could show the world the highest value of the American social system.

Love and Blessings to All,


Symphony of Life


Life is a symphony of the senses.
When did you forget
to see, to feel the next wave
on the water,
to feel the wind swaying
the trees, blowing through your hair
or to take to the path
in the forest,
to watch a bird enjoying
the skyway or circling above?

Is your life limited
to a mechanical enclosure,
cordoned off from outside
and dedicated only
to reasons of economy?

Life, however, even here
in this enclosure
real or imagined
plays it’s symphony to you
if you are experiencing
the timbre and rhythms
of the sounds,
the shades of colors,
the poetry beyond noise of words,
the dance of the wind.

The symphony is playing –
Be present and listen
in gratitude.

“The Christian Church, in its Augustinian emphasis on the evil of nature, from which human consciousness should out of sheer common sense hold itself aloof, contributed to the gap Western human beings feel between themselves and the universe.”

-Robert Bly – News of the Universe – Poems of twofold consciousness