Waiting to Go Home


Waiting to go home,
being in this despairing place:
the sad-angry monotonous, memorized day,
automatic response, feelings somewhere else,
unconnected, mannequin beings sucking the
life out of any inspiration and creation –

Feeling I’m not really worth much
and feeling afraid to step out of
this shadow of automaticity –

Then not coming face to face with
myself, with another, with the
others in this universe of separation –

All possibility sabotaged by
the impulse to be secure,
to be right, to be in control –

all my creative, ecstatic intentions
put off until later –

Waiting, waiting to go home,
waiting for someone
or somewhere else
to grant me being
the one I am

Commentary: How many of us spend more time as passive observers, rather than as an active participant in our life?

Author: richcreativemuse

I am a writer, poet, composer, and artist. Though I’m a senior, I’ve kept active physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have spent most of my life and resources supporting and empowering others. From living in diverse areas and cultures, I see life with an open heart and mind. I presently live in the Tennessee Valley in Northern Alabama. In my creative works, I would like to make a difference in our attitude toward the planet, seeing from a realistic spiritual viewpoint rather than the prevalent over materialistic emphasis in our society.

2 thoughts on “Waiting to Go Home”

    1. With this poem, a lot of people are struck with a feeling of poignancy and perhaps remembering a time when they were struggling with this kind of depressed feeling state. I don’t remember the circumstance out of which this poem arose.

      I love your response to the poem. Thank you for sharing your comment. I’d like to visit your blog because the titles of your writings sound very similar to my beliefs.

      Today, I’m feeling a bit sick with a head cold, so I will do it later.


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