Pond Edge


Shimmering, rippling pond surface
mirror of reflections
encircling trees on edge –

A sudden breeze gently spreads
a yellow-green mist of pollen
across the water’s surface-

“Remain present here,”
says a voice inside –

I enter the silence
at One with the stillness,
of the wind, of the pond –

I am feeling more at peace,
feeling a sense of renewal,
seeing new hope,
letting go of stresses and worries,
baggage dragged down here
to this pond’s edge –

I am at One,
at Peace –

Personal Note: The reconciling of opposites both within and without has been a life journey for me. I say this mindful of being in the midst of a contentious, emotional social, political debate in the USA

How will it be reconciled, I don’t know. I would say, however, that I sense a strong feminine voice and spirit arising, perhaps worldwide. Perhaps that will rescue and nurture where history has brought us. Finding ourselves in present day 21st century reality, the only reasonable alternative, I see, is as many wisdom voices, de Chardin and others, have been counseling us: build a new interior mythos and let go of the prejudices and animosities from the past, and build a new synthesis.

Author: richcreativemuse

I am a writer, poet, composer, and artist. Though I’m a senior, I’ve kept active physically, mentally, and spiritually. I have spent most of my life and resources supporting and empowering others. From living in diverse areas and cultures, I see life with an open heart and mind. I presently live in the Tennessee Valley in Northern Alabama. In my creative works, I would like to make a difference in our attitude toward the planet, seeing from a realistic spiritual viewpoint rather than the prevalent over materialistic emphasis in our society.

3 thoughts on “Pond Edge”

  1. Very good poem, imagery, and concepts. I particularly like the contrast of the baggage brought and dropped at the pond’s edge compared to the natural tranquility of the wind and pond. I also resonate to your personal note.

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    1. Thank you for your insightful, kind comment. Do you live near the 4 corners area in New Mexico.? I know Arroyo Seco, which you mentioned, from when I lived in Santa Fe. I’m not exactly sure where it is, though.


      1. I live in Garland, TX but I grew up in West Texas and I love the Southwest. Santa Fe is one of our favorite vacation spots. The Arroyos Seco blog I did have has been discontinued and it was moved to http://thoughtsofanafternoon.weebly.com/

        I had picked the Arroyos Seco name to reference how what I write is like describing the imprint of your experience which remains after it has passed… in a way that is similar to the dry arroyo being the ravine that is left after the flood of water has receded. I also realized that arroyos seco in those terms pretty much does not compute to anyone but myself, so I changed the name 🙂

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