Van Gogh’s Thoughtful Spot


The plaque explained that Van Gogh would go daily and sit by a fountain in the middle of town, his Thoughtful Spot, to sketch people as they walked by.

I looked back at his paintings around the room with new appreciation. He had the ability to paint like Rembrandt, but that was not the art that poured from his soul.

Each day he sat in his Thoughtful Spot watching people, sketched hands, and dreamed. Then he returned to his studio and chose to fill the canvas with extravagant beauty.

All writers need a Thoughtful Spot to sit, ponder, and soak in the world around us.

Where’s yours?

Evening Song


sunset-tableOh the evening sun, it touches down,
coloring all, see day is blest.
Oh, the co-lors flow,
they give my heart this rest –


Oh, these feelings come and go
as the breeze, it whispers low,
and the song it sings
is the song inside my heart.
Oh, the song it sings
is the melody in my soul –

Restless day of needs all done.
Another day, I journey on.
Stop to rest, eve-ning’s song
blends with colors into One –

The colors blending, touch my soul,
painting eve-ning’s feelings whole.
Enchantment of the night
harmony of soul.

“It is one of the tragedies of modern culture that we have
lost touch with these primal thresholds of nature.” –
Anam Cara – A Book of Celtic Wisdom, John O’Donohue

Legacy of a President

Earth in Space

For so long the United States has been so big, so powerful that we felt that we could afford not to know about a country like Laos. But the world has shrunk, it’s interconnected—and if we want to deal with issues from climate change to wildlife trafficking, to dealing with terrorism, we need the cooperation of everybody. That’s part of what we’ve been able to accomplish…over the last seven, eight years is open up places that previously were closed and engage people in ways that will pay huge dividends in the future.” —President Obama reflecting on his historic trip as the first U.S. president to visit Laos:

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Waiting to Go Home


Waiting to go home,
being in this despairing place:
the sad-angry monotonous, memorized day,
automatic response, feelings somewhere else,
unconnected, mannequin beings sucking the
life out of any inspiration and creation –

Feeling I’m not really worth much
and feeling afraid to step out of
this shadow of automaticity –

Then not coming face to face with
myself, with another, with the
others in this universe of separation –

All possibility sabotaged by
the impulse to be secure,
to be right, to be in control –

all my creative, ecstatic intentions
put off until later –

Waiting, waiting to go home,
waiting for someone
or somewhere else
to grant me being
the one I am

Commentary: How many of us spend more time as passive observers, rather than as an active participant in our life?

Pond Edge


Shimmering, rippling pond surface
mirror of reflections
encircling trees on edge –

A sudden breeze gently spreads
a yellow-green mist of pollen
across the water’s surface-

“Remain present here,”
says a voice inside –

I enter the silence
at One with the stillness,
of the wind, of the pond –

I am feeling more at peace,
feeling a sense of renewal,
seeing new hope,
letting go of stresses and worries,
baggage dragged down here
to this pond’s edge –

I am at One,
at Peace –

Personal Note: The reconciling of opposites both within and without has been a life journey for me. I say this mindful of being in the midst of a contentious, emotional social, political debate in the USA

How will it be reconciled, I don’t know. I would say, however, that I sense a strong feminine voice and spirit arising, perhaps worldwide. Perhaps that will rescue and nurture where history has brought us. Finding ourselves in present day 21st century reality, the only reasonable alternative, I see, is as many wisdom voices, de Chardin and others, have been counseling us: build a new interior mythos and let go of the prejudices and animosities from the past, and build a new synthesis.

The Garden


What is the garden saying to my soul?

Come and bathe in the color-sea.
The reds, the whites, violets: a mosaic,
a panorama, a journey for the Soul –
A symphony of color
amongst the grand healing tones of green.

Experience in the stillness
the flower’s vibrations.
Be open now to those sounds in the silence
out of which comes all the languages –
Open now to this experience of the Heart.

“The seat of the soul is where
the inner world and the outer world meet.

Where they overlap, it is in every point of the overlap.”

Novalis – translated by Charles E. Passage