Planetary Moments – Questions

2-Strawberry Moon

What is this moment worth?

Is here a question,

or a worry,

or a feeling,

or an action you’re taking?

What’s happening

in your mind,

in your heart,

in your relationships,

in your environment,

on your planet?

What’s this moment worth?

How are you spending it?

How am I spending it?

With respects to Eckhart Tolle

When I was Young

Starry Night

When I was young
had the encyclopedia.
Now, as I’m getting old,
we all have social media

So much more info matter
I can read.
So many people media – merized
much more than I can heed

Living in this techno-vision,
are we lost inside?
Are we out of touch
when we have so much?

There’s a world right here
that needs our sharing love;
not our reasons,
and not a shove

From “Poetry in Black and White”


This is a touching account of work of compassion for this village in Nepal. Most of the world does not live as we live in America. Help if you can to all.

Lynnie Bedi (nee Saint-James)

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Kuldip and I have just farewelled my nephew, Steve, after a 5-day visit. We packed a lot in over that time, including an introduction to ‘our’ Chandigarh. We also took him to Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple, the place of pilgrimage for Sikhs the world over. The changing of the guard ceremony at the Indian/Pakistani border, 30 kilometres from Amritsar, was also on the itinerary.

Steve was trekking in Nepal when the earthquake stuck a little over 12-months ago, and although he was booked to fly home to Australia shortly after that, he stayed on for a month to help with the clean up. Over that time, he arranged A$6,000 of aid including food, blankets, mattresses and tarpaulins to the needy. It was the beginning of…

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The Bridge

Waterfall Bridge

Something we don’t see
in our living is this bridge-
between the world and
the world of spirit,
the other world-
Both wholly within
the experience of our lifetime.

Even though it’s in
the midst of our living,
we don’t see it because
our mind is clouded
by our own thoughts,
creations and problems

It is, however, there,
hidden from awareness,
when we bump into a
limitation or a possibility,
or our own caring or uncaring,
or feeling the utter sublime
tranquility of a moment or a day-

You’ve encountered the world of spirit.

It can be the bridge
to mutual understanding,
to deeper, fuller consciousness.
to compassion and caring.
to living in resilience rather than despair
to a more workable intimacy,
to a more just society,
to a workable solution to a problem,
to loving your whole self

It is a bridge in the midst
of this world’s turmoil, heartaches,
and unbridgeable thoroughfares.
It is a bridge to the Mystery
that’s forever here in our living –
and already, always available


St Joe Sunrise 4

Oh, the westward sky and blue-green evening blue
Tangerine-magenta sunset stays in view.
Feelings inside churning on this evening’s day.
Silent stillness enters moonlight’s silver way –

How shall I express these feelings that I feel,
when these wings inside my heart just won’t stand still.
Oh, the brush upon my face, now, of the wind.
Oh these feelings in my heart, now, Oh I want to give –

So, I give my heart – What will you do?
And I sing my song – And it’s all for you –